The Book

Perhaps you were raised Catholic but haven’t been practicing your faith for a while. This book is for you.

Perhaps you went to Catholic grade school and high school or even Catholic college but stopped practicing your faith a while back because it didn’t seem relevant to your life anymore. This book is for you.

Perhaps you once had very strong faith and then life came at you with terrible suffering through the death of a loved one, sickness, a break in a most important relationship, or some existential crisis. This book is for you.

Perhaps you are new parents who have decided that your son or daughter needs to be raised in a faith that has greater wisdom and values than the world has to offer. This book is for you.

Perhaps you are a student and your teacher or professor wants you to read something that presented Catholicism in way that ties personal narrative and theology together. This book is for you.

Maybe you are a seeker, a searcher, a man or woman who is on a journey looking for answers to questions about the meaning of life in general and Catholicism in particular.
This book is for you. 

Hallie Lord

The Strangeness of Truth is a stirring call to make our faith not just a place we visit, but rather the very air we breathe, the food we eat, and the home in which we live. I have long been convinced that Father Damian Ference will be remembered as one of the greatest spiritual thinkers of this generation, and this work more than bears that out.”

—Hallie Lord, SiriusXM radio host and author of On the Other Side of Fear: How I Found Peace